Welcome to my course website. I am a 19 year old full time world travelling online entrepreneur and digital artist from Finland and I became the fastest growing digital artist on Instagram in 2017. I managed to grow my audience from 0 to over 274k followers in a bit over 2 years and nowadays I teach thousands of people with my courses and we have the best creative community in the world!
''Hey Julius! Not sure if you're going to read this but I'd like to tell you that I just bought your course and finished it yesterday! I'm a photographer by trade and did all kinds of courses before but yours was so practical and straight to the point! Loved it, Thanks man! ''
Nicola Selhani, Photographer 
Complete Brush Collection
Get all of my custom Photoshop Brushes and take your work to the next level. Includes 30 of my most used brushes. I use these brushes in every single edit of mine.
Visualsofjulius Complete Course Bundle
Ultimate bundle to master Photoshop, get 7 of
my courses! By getting this bundle you will save 90% and you can master Photoshop without any prior knowledge.
Photoshop for Photographers
Photographers complete guide to Photoshop.
This is the only course you need to take your
photo editing to the next level. 
Glowing Wave Photo Composite
Learn my complete creative workflow in Photoshop. Including my updated color grading, composition, lighting and blending secrets.
Rivendell Photo Composite
Learn to create my successful Rivendell composite with this course.
Guiding Light Photo Composite
Learn to create my most successful edit ever. This edit ended up being the most shared art piece on Instagram in 2017 and it granted me 50k+ new followers
Scottish Highlands Photo Composite
With this course you will learn my unique mountain creating technique in Photoshop. 
Photoshop for Beginners
Beginner's guide to get started with Photoshop.
Stranger Things Photo Composite
Learn to create the famous shadow monster from stranger things and master blending and color grading.
New Year 2018 Photo Composite
Learn how I created one of my most viral edits ever. In the course we talk about how to increase your chances to go viral and also you will learn my whole creative workflow.
Here's couple words from some of my students:
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